Gettext library for in-code parsing of files for translations and generating translation files or writing/reading from a custom datasource. The aim is to make an API that makes the complete functionality of the original Gettext toolset available in-code. As currently the Gettext toolset is only available as a bunch of executables, but if you want to make use of Gettext in a web-application project you probably want to do everything on-the-fly without having to use platform specific executables. Ofcourse there are already libraries to make use of the Gettext PO/MO files for different languages, eg. PHP Gettext methods, PHP Zend Frameworks Zend_Translate Gettext adapter, and others... The Gettext toolset even provides implementations of it's own or explains what implementation exists. But note that these implementations still need the Gettext toolset to gather all translation keys and create PO/MO or language specific formats before the translations can be used. The aim of this API is to be 100% compatible with the original Gettext toolset, but providing all functionality in-code, starting with a Java-based API. Code available on GitHub: Progress available on Pivotaltracker: