[caption id="attachment_25" align="alignleft" width="648" caption="Patrick van Dissel in a Tag Cloud"]Patrick van Dissel in a Tag Cloud[/caption] Now in text Born in 1984, all-round developer living in The Netherlands. I work for Tricode on PHP5 and Java web-applications. I'm a Zend Certified PHP5'er, Zend Framework'er and Sun/Oracle Certified Programmer and Developer for Java 6. I'm a Gentoo and Ubuntu Linux user, Dutch Scout and like the nature parts of the beautiful world we're living on. My interests are programming languages, techniques, best practices in general and techniques for survival in nature. I Koodi? Well I needed a name for my blog, everything already taken I opened http://translate.google.com and started translating a bunch of words to all kinds of languages. Until I stumpled upon "I Koodi", which is Finnish for "I Code". I also got http://mekoodi.nl (just pointing to the ikoodi.nl virtual host. "Me Koodi" is Finnish for "We Code" (according to Google Translate). It made me happy :D Not Finnish I'm not Finnish, as said above I just used Google Translate. But I stand corrected, as I received the following comment:
Small corrections to the translations of the name of your blog you give on the front page: “I code” translates into Finnish as “Minä koodaan” or just “Koodaan”. “We code” would be “Me koodaamme” or just “Koodaamme”. Also, the verb “koodata” is an informal loan word, whereas the proper Finnish word for “to program (a computer)” is “ohjelmoida”. Thus: “Minä ohjelmoin” (“I program”) and “Me ohjelmoimme” (“We program”). The phrase “I koodi” is not correct Finnish – there is no such Finnish word as “I”. The word “koodi” corresponds to “a code” or “the code” in English.